Mixing Desks

About Our Mixing Desks

BMG AVE offers a wide range of high-quality mixing desks for various events and performances. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that you can achieve the perfect audio balance and create an immersive sound experience. Whether you’re organising a corporate event, a private function, or a solo performance, we will provide you with top-notch mixing desks to meet your specific requirements!

Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate events, flawless audio is crucial in delivering a professional and impactful message. Our mixing desks are designed to enhance the audio quality, ensuring crystal-clear sound throughout the event venue. Our extensive inventory allows us to accommodate events of any size, from small conferences to large-scale corporate galas. We will assist you in selecting the right mixing desk and can also provide on-site support to guarantee a seamless audio experience that exceeds your expectations.

Private Events

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or any other private event, creating the right ambience is essential. Our range of mixing desks enables you to customise the sound to match the mood and atmosphere you desire. We will guide you in choosing the perfect mixing desk and ensure smooth installation and operation, allowing you to focus on enjoying your special occasion.

Solo Entertainers

As a solo entertainer, your performance relies heavily on the quality of your sound equipment. At BMG AVE, we understand the importance of a reliable and versatile mixing desk that complements your unique style. We have a selection of mixing desks ideal for solo entertainers, offering intuitive controls and features that enhance your live performances. Our aim is to help you put on the best show possible, and deliver an exceptional audio experience that sets you apart.


DJs are the life of the party, and having the right tools is crucial for a successful performance. Our range of mixing desks for DJs is designed to meet the demands of modern music mixing and blending. From intuitive interfaces to seamless integration with DJ software, our equipment allows DJs to unleash their creativity and deliver electrifying sets. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, our team will assist you in selecting the perfect mixing desk that matches your style and technical requirements, ensuring an unforgettable DJ experience.

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At BMG AVE, we take pride in providing reliable, top-quality mixing desks for a wide range of events and performers.

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