Projector Screens

About Our Projector Screens

Enhance your visual presentations and create immersive experiences with our high-quality projector screens at BMG AVE. Our range of projector screens is designed to deliver exceptional image quality, clarity, and visibility, ensuring that your content shines on the big screen.

Whether you’re organising a corporate event, hosting a private gathering, performing as a solo entertainer, or DJing, our projector screens will provide the perfect canvas for your visual projections.

Corporate Events

In corporate events, a professional and visually captivating presentation is essential for making a lasting impression on your audience. Our projector screens for corporate events offer a range of sizes and formats to suit your specific requirements.

From boardroom meetings to large-scale conferences, our screens provide a clear and expansive display for your presentations, videos, and slideshows. With excellent colour reproduction and wide viewing angles, our projector screens ensure that every attendee can see and engage with your visual content effectively.

Private Events

Make your private event truly memorable with our projector screens. Whether it’s a birthday party or a special celebration, our screens allow you to showcase personalised slideshows, videos, and visual effects.

Create an immersive experience for your guests, transforming your venue into a captivating visual environment. Our projector screens come in various sizes to fit different spaces, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the visual content with exceptional clarity and detail.

Solo Entertainers

As a solo entertainer, having a high-quality projector screen can elevate your performance and create a captivating visual backdrop. Our projector screens for solo entertainers offer excellent image projection and smooth surface texture, ensuring that your visuals are displayed with exceptional clarity and sharpness.

Whether you’re a musician, magician, or any other type of performer, our screens provide the perfect canvas to complement your act and captivate your audience.


Visuals are an integral part of creating an immersive and engaging DJ performance. Our projector screens for DJs offer a large viewing area for displaying captivating visuals and synchronised content. From projecting music videos and live visuals to showcasing dynamic graphics and animations, our screens provide a stunning visual element that enhances your DJ set and captivates the crowd.

Create a mesmerising visual experience that complements your music and elevates your performance to new heights.

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At BMG AVE, we understand the importance of high-quality projector screens in delivering impactful visual presentations. Our range of projector screens caters to corporate events, private gatherings, solo entertainers, and DJs, ensuring that your visuals make a lasting impact.

Contact us today to discuss your projector screen needs, and let us assist you in selecting the perfect screen that will enhance your event or performance, providing an immersive visual experience for all to enjoy.